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Summer 2014

The other day, our kids starting pointing out the changes that they have noticed; the beans and leaves turning yellow, the chill in the air, shorter days, the activity around the farm and school starting a new year. It's amazing how observant little ones can be and how fast time goes. The crops look incredible even though for much of the summer we went with little to no precipation. In the last couple of weeks, it has been raining frequently and we have recieved a substantal amount. We are starting to get prepared for the harvest season that is approaching quickly and enjoying the "shorter" work days knowing whats coming! This summer has been incredibly busy doing many things. The guys have been busy mowing road ditches, spraying the crops multiple times, crop checking, machinery mantaince, and delivering corn. Cole spent many weeks this summer at meetings including; learning the basics about how to plan and execute tillage, getting more informed about the Enlist product with Dow AgriSciences, his TPEN peer group was able to make the trip up to our farm to see our operation and many more meetings! During his TPEN meeting we had the exciting opportunity to have The Marketing Plant come to discuss the importance of branding a business. Check back often as we will be updating much more frequently as we get into our busy season and we will keep you updated on our status!

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