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Gary & Dawn Pestorious

Gary & Dawn Pestorious

Gary brings years of hands on farming experience to Frontier Family Farms. He started farming in 1982 in a partnership with his father. In 1991, as his father retired, Gary purchased Pestorious Inc., a retail seed and agricultural chemical fertilizer company as well as the balance of the farm equipment. He is a fifth generation farmer.

Gary is semi-retired and enjoys working on the farm when needed, especially doing tillage in the spring and running the combine during harvest.  

Gary was married to Dawn in 1974 and they have two grown children and five grandchildren. Cole, is a partner in Frontier Family Farms, and daughter, Kelsha Pestorious.

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Cole & Katie Pestorious

Cole has had a life-long, intense vision for farming and spent his childhood working on the family farm whenever he could. In 2002, after studying Agriculture Business at Iowa, he began farming and running the fertilizer and chemical business with his father, Gary. Cole is a sixth generation farmer and a third generation Pioneer Seed Dealer. He is active in the community and currently acts Chairman of the Freeborn County Corn and Soybean Growers Association Board.

Katie (Demmer) attended Waldorf College for Business Marketing and Management.  She is currently transitioning into the office secretary/book-keeper roll within the farm, along with balancing the kids activities.

Cole and Katie were married in 2005 and have three children; Danica, Bridget and Cael.  The kids are active in many sports along with helping on the farm when they are able to.  They feel fortunate that their children will able to grow up on the farm and have a passion for farming! 

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