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Harvest Update


Harvest is underway! Today on Labor Day, a few of our owners and employees decided to forgo the day off and start working on harvesting the crop. They wanted to start slow to work out the problems before we start "full force" tomorrow. The field that we finished harvesting today was at 25% moisture and went pretty good. We hope that we can have a pretty quick harvest considering that this year was very dry so the roots are not very deep and we worry about the corn going down before we can get it out. We are a mere 2% done with corn harvest (including one field that was silage) so we have a lot to go, but we are happy that harvest has begun! Keep checking back for more updates.


We have been fortunate to be able to be in the fields everyday this week with a few problems here and there, but for the most part everything is running like it is supposed to. On Tuesday we were able to harvest some seed beans and all went well with that. It was nice being able to take them right from the field over to Jackson, MN. On Tuesday night a band of storms went through the area which we were happy to see some rainfall but not very thrilled to see the damage the winds caused to the crops. We have quite a bit of down corn around the area which is not going to make it for a easy harvest like we had anticipated.

Today we are harvesting our crops by Elmore, MN which is quite a haul for our trucks so we have decided to park one combine until those fields are done. Hopefully the weather and the winds cooperate with us now so we can get these crops out as fast as possible!


Harvest is going exceptionally well with only a few bumps along the way. Today we should finish cutting the beans and then will switch both combines back over to corn and we are already done combining 52% of our corn acres. There is no rain in the forecast, which means we could be done with harvest by late next week. Crazy to think that we should be just getting harvest underway, but could be finishing instead! We were very worried about the yields before harvest started since we had so little rain, but the yields have exceeded our expectations. We feel so blessed that we have such a good crop even though we are in a drought. We hope that the rest of fall goes as smoothly as the last month has been!

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