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Environmental Certification

On August 12, 2010, Frontier Family Farms was awarded Environmental Certification by Validus Ventures, LLC for their commitment to environmental cropland stewardship. The award, presented in St. Louis on July 19th, recognizes a farmer's commitment to caring for the land and implementing exceptional conservation practices while producing crops.

"In today's world it is simply not enough to say you are taking care of the land you farm and that you believe in good environmental production practices," said Earl Dotson, Validus CEO. "Consumers want proof. The annual certification program proves their commitment to protect the environment," he continued.

The Environmental Certification program focuses on five key areas: water quality, soil quality, plants, wildlife and energy use. "This program is very proactive and detailed," said Dennis Pate, Validus Director of Planning. "We audit everything from record keeping and documentation to on-site observations and review." The audit involves maintaining or improving soil productivity and water quality, improving wildlife habitats, controlling noxious weeds, reducing energy inputs, restricting access to fuel, pesticides and fertilizer storage, improving energy conservation and improving security of stored grain.

"We chose to participate in an objective, third-party certification program to confirm we are implementing production practices that protect the environment and preserve the land," stated Cole Pestorious, Frontier Family Farms. "One of our family's goals is to leave a legacy for future generations, and this certification demonstrates our commitment to that legacy," he said.

Frontier Family Farms is a family farm operation located in Albert Lea, MN. They are actively involved in their community and several commodity organizations.

Validus Ventures, LLC is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company with roots in on-farm auditing work. With concentration at the farm-level, their auditing services include animal welfare, environmental, on-farm security, and worker care for agriculture. Validus' mission statement is to provide on-farm audits, planning, and consulting services, ensuring that production practices meet or exceed brand expectations in the marketplace.

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